The floating outer harbor has been realized thanks to the technical advice of the engineer Vincenzo Di Tella - designer of the alternative option to Moses – from Principia Company. It exists also thanks to engineers Vielmo and Nicolosi effort, with the contribution of Joseph Tattara (economic impacts) and Verlato and Zordan architects (for the new Maritime Station). According to its proponents, the floating outer harbor is "the only reversible and respectful criterion set by the Special Law, which are gradualism, experimentation and reversibility.

- Proposta Avamporto


After touring length and breadth of the planet with many exhibitions in the most interesting museums, from London to Moscow from Beijing to Istanbul, Croatian artist Ana Tzarev arrives for the third time at the Diocesan Museum of Venice with "Celebration of Life", a tribute to life as a joyful expression of nature. The exhibition design has been entrusted to the Architect Studio Verlato + Zordan and to the art services company Green Spin.

- Diocesan Museum of Venice with "Celebration of Life"


Presentation of the intervention to implement the aparthotel Opera Prima, in Crimea, and specifically presentation of green applications, such as vertical gardening walls, roof gardens and natural decorations.

- ECO tech GREEN